Ingenico iSMP Companion

Terminalen leveres med lader og er integrert med WallMob POS gjennom BT (blåtann) kobling. Terminalen er klargjort for NFC kontaktløs betaling.

NOK7 990,00 ekskl. mva.


Processor RISC 32-bits ARM9 processor - 380 MHz 450 MIPS Card Readers Smartcard, Magnetic, Contactless Keypad 16 keys + 4 functions keys

Display Black and white, backlit, 128 x 64 full graphic Connectivity

Wireless: Bluetooth class II with 128-bit encryption

Wired: Micro-USB B slave Weight With barcode

Reader: 214g

Equipped with a lithium-ion (1200 mAh) battery